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We are aware that a lot of people feel nervous about visiting the dentist, but be assured that with us, all your worries are over. We're a full-service dental practice that offers advanced cosmetic and aesthetictreatments and surgeries along with good care. We designed our office with our patient in mind. Once you walk into our front door, our staffs will make you feel secure, comfortable and well cared for; you'll always receive the level of dental care you need and deserve.

With our state-of-the-art equipment and use of advanced technology, we strive always to offer top-notch dental, cosmetic and aesthetics treatments and services. We hold a very high regard for the adage "Prevention is better than cure," and that's the reason why we offer personalized attention and utmost care to all our clients.

Our treatments include white fillings, porcelain veneers, dental implants, teeth whitening and many more. SBDC, we believe that it is our responsibility to make you smile, and if that is what you want, then you can visit any of our clinics around Vellore. Our smile makeovers will improve your confidence while giving you a young look and feel.

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Dentistry Treatments

From teeth whitening to dental implants to white fillings to porcelain veneers and more, our dental clinics provide an extensive range of quality, therapeutic, and preventative dental treatments and services which can improve your confidence, smile and remove pain.

As the best dental clinic in Vellore , we offer personalized attention to all our patients.

Hair Treatments

The hair treatment includes hair transplantation and sophisticated therapies to avoid hair loss in future. We treat the baldness with follicular unit transplantation procedure to provide a natural look.

Transplantation takes place with local anaesthesia and you will not feel any pain at the time of the process. We harvest the hair follicles from donor site and this type of harvesting is known as strip harvesting. Our specialist professionals make use of stereomicroscopes to work on the wounds for better recover.

Skin Treatments

If you are worried about your dark circles around your eyes and looking for a reliable treatment then under eye treatment and filers is a perfect choice. Our expert team makes use of eye fillers to get rid of under-eye dark circles.

This type of treatment last for more than a year. The hyaluronic acid fillers soften the skin around your eyes giving you a natural look. The dark circles disappear gradually soon after this treatment. It is calcium-based filler without any side effects.

Facial Cosmetics

Have a new look with facial cosmetics and acquire an aesthetic appearance in the long run. Ageing and accumulation of dead cells reduce the freshness in the face. It ruins the young outlook in no time.

How do you restore it to resume the confidence in you? Take a quick look at the Facial cosmetic and aesthetic techniques to get back your energetic skin and youthful texture in your face throughout your life journey without any compromises.

Clinical Facials

In this section of clinical facials, our expert team conducts both minimally invasive and non-invasive treatment to rejuvenate the face for a better outlook. Our foremost goal is skin rejuvenation.

We want our clients to maintain their skin texture in the long run without any difficulties. Our entire specialist team in this section focuses on these criteria and offers many facial treatments like hydra facials, chemical peels etc. The hydra facial is a technical name given to the skin cleaning procedure.

Weight Loss Treatment

Do you worry about your weight gain? Gaining weight is a natural happening in every individual’s life journey. When you grow older, you gain weight due to hormone imbalance, work nature, chemical reactions in your body etc. You have to take the right initiative at the perfect time to avoid obesity. When you allow the fat to accumulate in your body then it starts to attack the organs in the long run.

This fat accumulation reduces the functioning of the organs in your body gradually thereby triggering dreadful diseases. It is high time to work on those fats to get rid of unwanted diseases.


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“ My experience was awesome. It was so nice after the Aesthetics treatments. You just need to keep doing what you are doing. The work that you do is excellent..”




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